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Founded in March of 2021, The Ambitious Women of Color Association (AWOCA) gives visibility and opportunity to its members through the power of community and connection.  There are several amazing components of the AWOCA.

The Directory

Your one stop shop for hiring and buying from BIPOC womxn and their businesses.  Instead of buying gifts from Bath & Body works, you can buy from an AWOC that makes candles and lotion.  Perhaps you'd rather not have your lady parts looked at by an old White man (no offense to them), you can look for a doctor here.  Or you want a therapist that understands the challenges of what you go through as a person of color in the US.  We got you!


Our events are designed to help like-minded AWOC's connect and be a part of a thriving community of professionals.  While our Ambitious Women of Color Meetup Group is dedicated to more social events and personal development in the Los Angeles area, the events at AWOCA are more focused on business and professional networking.  As the membership grows nationwide, and it becomes safe to do so, we will have amazing events all over the country.

Our Blog

A great resource for members and visitors alike! Our blog will be written by our members and have all kinds of great content to help you live your best life in business, career, and life.

Members Only Forum

Our members only forum is designed to foster more community, opportunity, and visibility through job and gig  postings.

Becoming a member of the AWOCA will be a good fit for you if you are an Ambitious Womxn of Color who....

  • Owns a business and would like more customers
  • Works for a company and would like to share job postings to the network
  • Wants to create more meaningful connections with WOC that you can relate to 
  • Wants to go to amazing industry specific events where you don't feel like the odd person out
  • May be considering a career or job change and understands that having a solid network is very helpful to be able to do so

Annual Membership

Annual membership for Founding Members (the first 500 members) is only $97 for the first year.  Once you apply for membership you will hop on a zoom call with the founder and any other new members in the same appointment.  You'll learn some basics around how to use the platform as well as gain clarity on the different ways to make the most out of your membership.

Member Benefits:

  • Become a part of our amazing Directory
  • Receive Member-Only discounts for all paid events
  • Have the opportunity to contribute to the blog, lending to more visibility
  • Be able to post jobs from your employer or your networks outside of AWOC

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The Founder

Nephresha Singletary (IG @nephresha) is a Life, Business, and Career Coach, as well as a cooking lesson instructor and retired chef.   

Nephresha utilizes her professional background in management, Advertising degree from Pepperdine University, Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Institute of Transformational Nutrition education, plus her expertise in marketing, sales, social media strategy, and personal development to offer well-rounded coaching to her clients based on their individual goals.

Her cooking lesson and chef clientele has included A list celebrities, professional athlete families, top Hollywood executives, blockbuster movie writers, and estate staffs.

Nephresha has taught cooking classes at Surfas Culinary District and BLVD Kitchen in Sherman Oaks. She has held wellness workshops and catered for Equinox Gym locations all over Los Angeles, and currently hosts events for the Ambitious Women of Color communities.

Working with Nephresha

Email Nephresha directly at nephresha@gmail.com to set up a consult.  Cooking lessons start at $300 and Coaching packages start at $5,000.

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